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Applying a Natural Metal Finish Using Aluminum Foil

Skills Demo presented by Bob Bradford Bob Bradford presented a demonstration of the technique he uses to apply aluminum foil to his models to replicate the unpainted natural metal aircraft finishes used by many air forces over time. He had … Full Article→

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Know the color at a glance…

Before you dump that last bit of color out of your airbrush before cleaning, why not spray it onto the top of the paint bottle it came from? That way, you’ll be able to see exactly what color is within. … Full Article→

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Scotch Blue Painters Tape Advanced Delicate Surface (Model # 2080-1A)

Not too impressed with the product.  On a fully dry acrylic surface used the tape for some additional lines.  I used the “delicate surface” variation because I was afraid of lifting off the acrylic paint. Results: Paint bleed. The tape … Full Article→

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