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Something New from Something Else – a Kit Mash-Up Adventure

I have to say I really have been enjoying our club’s annual Build Challenges as they indeed challenge me to get something “done” by giving me a deadline.  Admittedly, I have only been ready once out out of the past … Full Article→

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2017 Club Challenge: 3-kit ‘Mash-Up’ or Channeling Your Inner Frankenstein

The club’s annual build Challenge theme for 2017 was to create a ‘mash-up’ using the parts from three different kits (and for extra spice, from different genres such as plane-ship-tank…)  The goal was to use only the parts provided by the … Full Article→

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Kit Smash! or “Making a mountain from a mole hill” – Pt. 2

Tail Surfaces:  After cutting apart the P-38 kit’s tail booms, I was left with four vertical tail surface halves, each with good sized gaps to be filled, both from the opening for the horizontal tail and from the trimmed boom … Full Article→

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Kit Smash! or “Making a mountain from a mole hill” – Pt. 1

Challenge: Turn a 1/48 scale P-38 Lightning into an experimental WWII Japanese fighter plane. For the November 2014 Club Theme Challenge, we decided to “compete” using any scale or make of P-38 kit, built to any result (in other words, … Full Article→

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Applying a Natural Metal Finish Using Aluminum Foil

Skills Demo presented by Bob Bradford Bob Bradford presented a demonstration of the technique he uses to apply aluminum foil to his models to replicate the unpainted natural metal aircraft finishes used by many air forces over time. He had … Full Article→

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‘Build a P-38 Any Which Way But Loose’ – Club Theme Event

At the November meeting, the club will host a themed display of models, all constructed from the same basic starting point: a kit of the P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft of World War II fame.  What the builder makes of their … Full Article→

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Vacuform Aircraft Modeling – Part 5

Basic Techniques (Con’t) Creating Bulkheads: Being able to fabricate ‘bulkheads’ is a useful modeling skill and pretty much required when working with vac kits since they often need extra support and rigidity.  But, bulkheads are also needed when making up … Full Article→

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SH-2F Landing Gear set from Scale Aircraft Conversions

Metal parts upgrade for the 1:48 Kitty Hawk kit Sometimes we get into a mindset and forget that we’re (usually!) talking with actual people on the “other end” of things. Case in point is when I recently offered my Seasprite … Full Article→

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Vacuform Aircraft Modeling – Part 4

Basic Techniques (Con’t) My basic method of removing parts from the ‘backing sheet’ is outlined below.  However, there are actually some things you want to do prior to removing the parts, if you follow best practices.  These would include: Washing … Full Article→

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P4M-1 Martin Mercator: Kit Review & Build – Part 1

1:48 Scale Martin P4M Mercator by RCM (Robert’s/Combat Models) Order via website: www.combatmodels.us (kit 48-020 w/ resin detail set)  $59.95 plus shipping Part 1: First off, let me share with you that this will not be a quick process.  I … Full Article→

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