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  1. Nell Goff says:

    I have too many to mention about models, airplane kits and Boats. If interested please give ME a call at 484-345-8620. Thanks.

  2. Wayne Hammes Sr. says:

    Years ago I use to be a member of this club and now I am getting out of the hobby. I have approx. $1000 dollars worth of cars, planes and ships. Buyer gets all.
    Asking $300.00.
    If interested call 377-6644…leave message.

  3. Rick Meekins says:

    I have several ship and plane models from the 70s. There just sitting in storage. To the best of my knowledge all the parts are there. Would you know someone that may be interested in buying them? Thanks

  4. RBeach RBeach says:

    From Gilbert Neal (for more info or ?, contact
    ‘”Mr. Beach: Re my phone call, attached is a list of scale model kits I would like to sell to some serious modeler(s). They are the remnants of my kit collection. The kits on the list are Korean War era aircraft, armor, and vehicles. They are the start of 1/48 and 1/35 scale model kits I began accumulating when I decided to concentrate on the era with certain sentimental deviations (e. g. the U1A and Camel ). The rising price of kits has been discouraging in recent years. Weather permitting we’re having a premoving garage sale on September 14. We live off Princess Anne a short distance from where it intersects with General Booth. Gilbert L. Neal”‘
    Type Model; (Comments); Scale; Manufacturer
    Wheeled Vehicles
    GMC 2 ½ Ton Truck; (no comments); 1/35; Testors/Italeri
    ¾ Ton Dodge; (“weapons carrier”); 1/35; Testors/Italeri
    Armor, Tracked
    M24, “Chafee” Light Tank; (75 mm main gun); 1/35; Testors/Italeri
    M4A3E8, “Sherman” ; ( 76 mm main gun ); 1/35; Academy/ Minicraft
    M4A4E8, “Sherman”; (76 mm main gun); 1/35; DML
    M26A1, “Pershing”; ( 90 mm main gun ); 1/35; DML
    M46, “Patton”; (90 mm main gun, air cooled engine, suspension change); 1/35; DML
    MIG15; ( ); 1/48; Monogram
    F80 “Shooting Star”; ( ): 1/48; Monogram
    McDonnell F2H2 “Banshee”; ( ): 1/48; Hawk
    North American P-51D “Mustang”; ( ); 1/48; Hawk
    Douglas B-26 “Invader”; (ex-A-26, WW2); 1/72; Airfix
    DeHaviland “Otter” DHC-3; ( U. S. Army U-1A, land plane ); 1/72; Hobby Craft
    Aircraft , WW1
    Roy Brown’s Sopwith Camel; ( box opened ); 1/28; Revell

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