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An International Plastic Modelers Society/ USA Branch Chartered Chapter
The mission of the Hampton Roads Scale Modelers (HRSM) is to promote the art and pastime of Scale Modeling through the sharing of experience and knowledge without regard to age, status, station or creed.

Meeting Schedule

Club meetings are regularly held every third Friday of the month at 6:45 pm in the community hall at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church 3900 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (click for directions.)  Next meeting is Friday, 16 February 2018.

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Club Calendar as of 2018.02.11 (pdf)


Club Agents

  • Ken Patrick – Webmaster
  • Robert Beach – Displays ; Swap Meet Coordinator
  • Bill Wesley – Raffle Coordinator

Sister Clubs / Groups

Club membership is primarily about participation.  There are club dues of $20/year to support expenses such as the meeting hall and the sponsorship of show events, as  put on by other clubs or IPMS/USA Chapters and HRSM’s own events.  While membership in IPMS/USA is not a prerequisite for HRSM membership, it is a worthwhile thing in and of itself.  The Chapter Charter requires 1) have all club officers be current Society members and 2) to maintain at least five current members on the roll – which is met by the club officers!  To join IPMS/USA, click HERE.

January 2014 HRSM Meeting Minutes

The annual January business meeting began ‘in reverse’ with the Show & Tell portion to allow more time for folks to arrive given the weather conditions.  After the SnT, elections were conducted with sixteen members in attendance and in agreement that delaying elections in hope of a more robust attendance was not a good idea.  After new officers were determined (see blow), a quick review of the current roster identified a few corrections were needed.  The annual Club Calendar was then ‘ratified’ for 2014 with the stated understanding that Calendar updates are expected as the year unfolds.  Then the floor opened to new business discussion.  Gordon Geiger stated that there was a perception at Ed’s Hobbies that the club wasn’t supporting Ed in his efforts to create the customer community.  Lack of participation in the recent shop model contest was cited as an example as was the ‘open house’ meet & greet Ed sponsored.  It was pointed out that the meet & greet was not a planned club meeting and that there was at least three members who visited Ed’s.  Also, conversations were had with Ed regarding the contest timing which pointed to the short notice and consequent lack of publicity presence had a negative impact on attendance.  The fact that the club website has a full page posting publicizing the store and it’s merits was noted.  Gordon proposed that the club organize some ‘build days’ at Ed’s as a gesture of goodwill and recognition of his enthusiasm.  This proposal was received favorably but specific action was tabled until next meeting.  Bill Wesley opened discussion about improving the club’s rolls, noting past membership & attendance was usually twice the current levels.  The lack of flyers at HobbyTown was identified as a problem and it was resolved to get new flyers printed for distribution at the local modeling outlets as soon as possible.  Ed Rose took lead on the effort since he’d done through his work previously.  Next issue was regarding attendance at the Old Dominion Open and any possible conflict with the regular club meeting.  It was proposed and accepted to attempt to reschedule the meeting from the 3rd Friday to the next Friday.  Ed Rose also took this for action as he is the church contact.  Skip Paetz reminded the club that prior vote had set precedent for a club ‘theme contest’.  He proposed that this be done using the P-38 Lightning as the theme subject since the Holiday Raffle included a slew of P-38 kits to the point that nearly everyone had gotten one, making it an obvious choice.  It was noted as a possibility but tabled pending Skip compiling more specifics for organizing the contest.  Lastly, the previously decided ‘Participation Tally’ points were assigned for the night’s Show & Tell and Bob Bradford was voted the winner of ‘favorite presentation’ point for his 1:72 scale Airfix Tiger Moth model.  This puts Bob in the lead position.

January Participation Tally Totals:

1 point (Show&Tell): Robert Beach, Bob Bradford, Skip Paetz, Bill Wesley, Wiley Williams. 1 point (FAV Presentation): Bob Bradford.

Theme Contest Proposals:  P-38 Lightning (any scale/ any result): Skip Paetz

Club Officer Election Results:

Officers elected at the 2014 January business meeting were:
President: John Allen
Vice President: Ed Rose
Secretary: Robert Beach
Treasurer: Gary Telecsan
Chapter Contact: Bill Wesley

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