Hunting for something like a kit, book or tool to help with your modeling?  Ask for help finding it here.  Recommend no email addresses or phone numbers unless you want to forego any security protections!

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  1. When I was stationed in Diego Garcia in 2006, I would always looked forward to Sunday afternoons (after church services) with the Modeler’s Club they had at the Chapel in the Palms. Somehow they had a collection of scale models that were being replenished often and I thought it was very thoughtful of the donations we received in order to have something to choose from when deciding to build a new model. I’m now stationed at Quantico, VA and am considering offering a modelers club to the Marines here at the Base Chapel on base. I’m hoping that with enough support in the modelers community that we can begin and continue to replenish the Marines who are normally stuck in their rooms with modeling kits or any modelers community in the Virginia area who would like to provide support with donated kits for this cause. If anyone would be interested in assisting with starting us out please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  2. Michael Nerino says:

    Need some recommendations on paint colors for my 1/72 A6M2 Japanese Navy Fighter. Preferably Modelmaster enamel, but I can convert.

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