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Scale Modeling is a craft and a pastime, be it for simple relaxation or such as to approach fine art – and anywhere in between.  Hampton Roads Scale Modelers (HRSM) recognizes this spectrum of interests and welcomes all enthusiasts, both young and more mature, from beginning modelers to life-long craftsmen.

HRSM serves scale modelers from the Hampton Roads and Tidewater areas of southeastern Virginia, comprised of the cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth as well as locales further afield, ranging from Elizabeth City, North Carolina to Newport News, Virginia.   The region has a rich history of modeling from the days of sailors building models of their sailing vessels to the present day as military aviators, sailors and soldiers, NASA researchers and historians delve into their world through miniature representations.   Our website provides a platform to educate, entertain and assist the region’s modelers (and modelers-to-be) while also promoting HRSM.  Please enjoy exploring our website and feel free to visit us often.

Web Presence

Over the years, I have found that the ‘Web’ has grown into an indispensable tool for my modeling particularly with regard to research.  But the “networking” aspect has also grown and matured as better, more intuitive tools and venues have come online.  Where there were once news groups (aka ‘USENET’), there has been an explosion of forums that serve nearly the same purpose.  Similarly, blogs have taken the place of “BBS” or ‘bulletin boards’ – sort of.  Each iteration of these communication outlets has provided different, sometimes superior, functionality to promote communities within the larger crush of information flowing across the Internet.

Lately, it has become ‘derigor’ for organizations like our little modeling club to establish a web presence.  Surveying the sites of various other IPMS chapters, you might wonder at the purpose or message of some.  For HRSM, the purpose is simple – share relevant information related to our club and the modeling pastime in general.  What is ‘relevant’ is of course colored by our own personal perspectives but in ‘leading the charge’ in establishing this site’s content, I’m drawing on my own 45 years of modeling experience to provide what I hope is a useful framework to support that goal.  My aim is to support HRSM’s web presence as it evolves beyond this initial effort without losing sight of the underlying mission to promote scale modeling as a worthwhile pastime for young and old alike.

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