Scotch Blue Painters Tape Advanced Delicate Surface (Model # 2080-1A)

Not too impressed with the product.  On a fully dry acrylic surface used the tape for some additional lines.  I used the “delicate surface” variation because I was afraid of lifting off the acrylic paint.


  • Paint bleed.
  • The tape left a gummy residue that I had to remove by rubbing the surface.  The surface came out fine but again could have done without the left over residue.


  • Just use my normal tack painters blue and prior to putting it on the surface of the model, tape it against your shirt or pants a couple of times to lessen the tack.



On  July 5, 2012 at 2:10 pm,  Ken Patrick said:  I mentioned this to a guy I work with who builds surfboards, and he said that the best tape for his purposes was bought at a local Sherwin Williams Store. Professional auto-body tape. 

On July 7, 2012 at 10:42 am, Ken Patrick said: Just bought and used “Scotch Blue Painters Tape with Edge Lock” (Model #2093EL). What a great product, paint lines as sharp as a tack, no existing paint lifting. This is my GOTO tape from now on.

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  1. RBeach RBeach says:

    Ken, have you tried any of the ‘anti-bleed’ painter’s tapes? There are two brands, as I recall, with one having the anti-bleed just along the tape edges while the other has it for the entire width (useful when cutting narrow strips…)

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