UPDATED: Markings of the SW Millennium Falcon 5-Foot Filming Model

Updated downloads page 2015-09-10 with all new files (Discard all Prior versions)

Over on the “The RPF” fandom modelling forum, there is a great deal of discussion on the specifics of the ‘studio scale’ filming models of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon ‘spacecraft’.  There were several models constructed for the various movies, but the primary practical models (vice the CGI versions) boil to two primary models: the first one, a five-foot long model and a follow-on 32 inch long version used for the more ‘acrobatic’ sequences in the second movie.  There are obvious differences between the two (once you know for what to look) but one important difference is that the original 5-footer was adorned with a slew of tiny decals gleaned from model kits & aftermarket decal sheets – sort of the decal equivalent of the ‘greeblie’ parts detailing.

As there are several projects underway to build accurate replicas of the 5-footer, both at full size(!) and reduced versions, there is interest in mapping out all those decals so they can be replicated.  Previously, decal sheets sized to commercial kits & even the original sizes have been published, but they are essentially no longer available.  Currently, a research project started in support of one of the forum members who was creating artwork he intends to publish as a sheet for folks to use on the “1:48 scale” Hasbro Millennium Falcon toy.  Also, he plans on sharing the artwork in case someone wants to make their own in other sizes.  One problem is that most of the ‘kits’ are based on the 32 inch model, which had no decals applied.

After getting one of the Hasbro “kits”, I also got involved with the research project.  At this point, the findings can be useful to anyone researching the MF, so I thought it would be good to publish the work.  As this is an ongoing effort, look for further updates as things develop.  This installment includes a copy of the “Tracker” spreadsheet file listing the various graphics & their locations.  I also created a catalog of closeup images of the decals as found on the model plus some initial decal placement ‘map’ images.  As there are a huge number of small yellow & black strips all over the model (to provide visual complexity), that information is also the goal of a separate mapping effort.

Click HERE to access the latest versions of the files.

I hope you find this information useful and if you enjoy SciFi modeling, please consider visiting the RPF forum and checking out the community there.

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Updated downloads page 2015-09-10 with all new files; Added Exemplars images archive.
Updated downloads page 2015-07-03 with all new files; Added Placements diagram images to add locating the decals.
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