2012 Americans In Wartime Museum Open House

Each year, the Americans In Wartime Museum holds an open house event at their restoration facility near Nokesville, VA.  This venue serves as a patriotic showcase for the efforts of the Museum and private citizens who seek to preserve the heritage of the American fighting man.  The two day Open House provides the public access to the collected vehicles, guns, uniforms and other hardware as used by the US and other countries’ armies when waging war.  Besides the static displays, there are demonstrations of running vehicles, tactics and honorariums for the veterans in attendance.  This year, six members of our local modeling fraternity took the roughly two hour road trip to the ‘Tank Farm’ to experience Saturday’s events.  We enjoyed the enthusiastic vehicle restorers and reenactors who had spent the previous days preparing for the event, camping out overnight at the farm so they could get everything done.   One very poignant moment was when veteran WWII tank destroyer crewmen were honored next to a restored M18 Hellcat.  This gallery shows some of the day’s activities, including the flamethrower demonstration, for your enjoyment.  Also, look in the Walk-Arounds section for further detailed posts on some of the vehicles present.  Hope to see you next year when the Museum should be in brand spanking new facilities!

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