Screamin’ Demons Part 1: Decal Sheet review

1:48 Scale F3H-2/ F3H-2M ‘Demon’ by Furball Aero Designs

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Order through eBay: Screamin’ Demons Part 1 (48-001)  $20, free shipping in US (incl. APO/FPO), $6 shipping OCONUS

Sometimes, you come across something on the internet and find out you are seriously time-late on target.  This was the case with this first decal release from Furball Aero Design for the F3H-2 McDonnell Demon.  It was because I was on a “Jolly Rogers” kick and dabbling with the possibility of building an example of every type flown under the “Bones”.  Most everything was covered on this or that sheet or via kit decals – except for the Demon.  So, searching about for a source I found out about the Furball sheet but was hesitant to order – after all, the only even slightly challenging part of the markings was the ‘flag’ on the spine of the aircraft, something that should be relatively easy to ‘cobble together’ or draw myself.  However, given the three different Demon kits now in the stash and the absolutely glowing reviews, I took the plunge.  Also, helping a start-up with their business had a certain appeal.

VF-61 Demon touch and go pass

To not repeat-repeat everything already said in the below reviews, let me just say the sheet lives up to its reputation.  Ordering using PayPal was easy, delivery was fast and efficient (the pack was trapped between two oversized pieces of thick cardboard, apparently trimmed from a sturdy box…) and the two sheet set (all the black markings are printed separately) was immaculate with no mistakes. The multi-sheet instructions cover the options thoroughly in such a way that it is obvious good research was involved (or else, someone is a great story-teller!)  Now, if they perform as good as they look, I’ll call them perfect.

Web Reviews:

Furball also has a presence at the Forum under user “Furball Geoff”

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