Price of Admission

wounded_dauntless-e1338930900849-1024x4191Most things folks do will have a cost associated with them although  ‘cost’ does not have to be solely defined as monetary in nature.  For example, the time and effort expended on taking in a movie is not available for building a model.  In this context, the cost of participation in club activities may encompass time, effort and even sometimes money.  For HRSM, the cost is most often simply time spent supporting club events through  participation.  In effect, ‘showing up’ is the price of admission.

However, mere presence is not really enough for the club to stay ‘hale & hearty’.  Taking the lead on a project, running for – and fulfilling – a club office, giving a technique demo or writing up the latest kit all represent how members can keep their club vital and frankly, interesting (aka “fun”) both for the individual and the group.  Since a modeling club is not really intended to be a venue for social change (unless ‘personal fulfillment’ counts), ‘participation’ is often taken less seriously than, say, the standard used for PETA.  Yet, active support to the best of one’s abilities should be given serious consideration or else the club will fail to prosper & thrive.  As is said, “cancelled due to lack of interest”. 8^(

For HRSM, there is a monetary cost in the form of annual dues, on order of $10 [$20 as of October, 2012 by club vote – Robert], primarily to pay for the meeting hall and to provide sponsorship to various show competitions.  Also, there must be participation in the annual ‘required events’, namely officer elections, annual muster and approval of the Club Calendar.  Everything else is optional, but if that were all the members did, it would be pretty dull (sort of “club for a club’s sake”.)   Fortunately, this is not the case as organized events are envisioned each year, the success being dependent on the members and their collective will to see things happen.  That will is, in truth, the ‘price of admission’ for HRSM where shared time and experience constitute the real strength of the club.

In short, not everyone has to swim in the deep end, but everyone has to get wet.

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