Polikarpov I-153

The Polikarpov I-153 at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia is a flyable restored example that is perhaps less authentic than say, the one in Paris – at least in equipment – for safety reasons.  It is however the ‘real deal’ having been recovered from a swamp in Russia so the basic details & layout should be correct and can be useful to the modeler. When modeling this subject, I’ve been a bit confounded by the landing gear mechanism but these pictures will help me finally get that sorted. There is a great deal of imagery of the I-153 on the web, as a Google image search will show, but ‘walk-arounds’ are scarce. Still fun to see such an unusual subject “in the flesh”.
I_153_MAM_overall I_153_MAM_oil cooler outlet2 I_153_MAM_oil cooler outlet I_153_MAM_strbd_wheel well2 I_153_MAM_strbd_gear leg2 I_153_MAM_strbd_wing strut_pitot I_153_MAM_strbd_gear side view I_153_MAM_strbd_engine cowling I_153_MAM_strbd_gear leg overall I_153_MAM_port main gear I_153_MAM_strbd_gear leg closeup I_153_MAM_strbd_gear leg I_153_MAM_seat headrest I_153_MAM_strbd_wheel well fwd I_153_MAM_front quarter view prop boss I_153_MAM_windscreen I_153_MAM_cockpit_seat I_153_MAM_cockpit floor I_153_MAM_strbd_wheel well I_153_MAM_front quarter view

I_153_MAM_upper engine front I_153_MAM_lower engine front I_153_MAM_port tailwheel view I_153_MAM_port tail struts I_153_MAM_port cockpit door I_153_MAM_port wing strut top I_153_MAM_port wing root I_153_MAM_port_lower wing strut I_153_MAM_port_upper wing underside2 I_153_MAM_port_upper wing underside I_153_MAM_port wing tip light I_153_MAM_cockpit_rt side3 I_153_MAM_cockpit_rt side2 I_153_MAM_cockpit_rt side I_153_MAM_port fuselage fwd I_153_MAM_strbd_gear leg top I_153_MAM_strbd_wheel well3I_153_MAM_strbd_fwd engine cowl


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  1. Marcel says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this excellent reference material Robert!

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