Millennium Falcon 5-Foot Studio Model Markings Files

Last Updated 2015- 09 -10

TO DOWNLOAD, RIGHT CLICK ON “HERE” AND SELECT SAVE LINK (OR WHATEVER YOUR BROWSER OFFERS TO SAVE THE FILE)  Be Sure and Delete all prior versions or Ye will surely be Confused!

Download the Tracker spreadsheet (MS Office XLS format) HERE

NOTE: The spreadsheet is composed of several sheets, that appear as tabs at the bottom of the ‘active’ sheet.  Besides the ‘top’ sheet, there are sheets (so far) for the each decal instance location, the list of reflective tape placements & a legend.

Download the In-Situ Closeup Images ZIP file HERE (note: large file – about 23MB – so give it appropriate amount of time for download!)

Download the Placement diagram images ZIP file HERE (again, fairly large file @ 18MB)

Download the Exemplar Images archive ZIP file HERE (file size @ 3MB)

Download the Tracker in PDF format HERE (note: because this has become quite large & really cumbersome, I have removed this option;  recommend going to OpenOffice.Org & download the free office suite, OpenOffice so you can open Excel spreadsheets!  MAKE SURE and get the free OpenOffice – there are some ‘posers’ on the internet that want to charge you for what is an open source project!  Beware!)

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