Menu Sign-up for Club Holiday Potluck Dinner Meeting – 20 Dec 2013

Please put your planned food item and number of attendees into the “Leave a Reply”for this post; read the other Replies to see what everyone is bringing (I will consolidate the list as we progress for easier reading.)  Remember, bring serving utensils, hot pads, etc. for your food item (preferably with your name affixed with a small piece of tape!) as there will not be anything provided for serving.  If you plan on a soup or chili item, plan on bringing disposable bowls or small cups as appropriate. Extension cords will be provided for those having crock-pots, etc.  Also, if you know you won’t be attending, please leave an RSVP to help with the ‘head count’.

There are a couple of supporting “items” that need to be brought, so if you want to bring them instead of a food item, please do so (if more than one person wants to split these items, feel free to say so and coordinate with your partner):

1) Paper plates (good quality to handle lots of food), napkins, cups and plastic utensils for 60 people (at least)

2) Two large bags of ice & a large cooler to hold the ice, scoop for the ice and 8 x 2-liter bottles of soda (selection of regular and diet varieties)

We hope to have a balance of items of course so main ‘entree’ items, cold & hot side dishes, salads and deserts should be considered.  If any items are vegan/vegetarian or gluten-free, please make a note (index card for example) to go with your dish.  It would also be nice to provide a note if anything has nuts or diary in it – if not already obvious.

Thanks to everyone for taking time to coordinate for our potluck, it is always a wonderful evening.  I look forward to seeing you all!

UPDATE – List as of Dec 15th:

Baked Ziti (sausage & cheese)
Pasta Salad
Turkey & Ham Sandwiches
Deviled Eggs & Ham Sandwiches
Hot Wings
Ice, cups and soda drinks

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11 Responses to Menu Sign-up for Club Holiday Potluck Dinner Meeting – 20 Dec 2013

  1. Bill Wesley says:

    I will bring plates forces spoones knives , cups, napkins

  2. Wiley williams says:

    I will bring devil eggs and ham sandwiches

  3. Bill Brickhouse says:

    will bring sodas, cups, & ice

  4. Robert Bradford says:

    Sorry to say that I will miss December’s meeting/potluck. See you in January.

    Bob Bradford

  5. Gordon says:

    Ham Biscuits

  6. Clinton Mills says:

    I will bring hot wings!

  7. Ed Rose says:

    Turkey and Ham sandwiches

  8. Andy Ramstad says:

    1 attending– I’m bringing pasta salad.

  9. Gary Telecsan says:

    Will bring sandwiches and something else tbd

  10. RBeach RBeach says:

    I plan on bringing a huge pan of Baked Ziti, which has sausage and cheese ingredients. I expect my wife and three children will attend (children! Ha! two grown young men and a hungry, hungry teenager!)

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