June 2013 meeting minutes

Minutes from the June HRSM club meeting

Officers Nerino, Tennant, Telecsan and chapter contact Beach in attendance. Thirteen members present along with one visitor, Wiley Williams. He builds mainly ships, some aircraft plus the occasional 1/6 scale gun..

Old Business:

  •  The club raffle. We discussed the raffle currently scheduled on the club calendar for July. After much discussion, the a motion was made by Gordon Geiger to give Bill Wesley $100 to purchase kits for a raffle and use the contents of one of the three cartons of donated kits to supplement. The motion was seconded and passed. Bill Wesley will be in charge of coordinating the raffle once the kits have been sorted and new ones purchased. The new raffle date will be announced to the membership as soon as Bill Wesley is ready and ticket sales will take place at that time. Wesley took charge of the donated kits for use in future raffles.
  •  September model swap meet and auction.  For the club to pull this off we needed to get a committee of volunteers together to manage the operation. Chapter Contact Robert Beach advised that we need someone to handle the auction, concessions and publicity. Ed Rose volunteered to reprise his role as auctioneer. President Mike Nerino volunteered, as did Robert Beach (who will handle publicity) Brian Nerino, Gordon Geiger and Mike Schine. They will meet and come up with a plan for the swap meet and report back to the club.

New Business:

  • The club recognized member John Nugent’s efforts in putting together a Memorial Day model display at the 4809 VFW post. It was a very large display that was well received.
  •  President Nerino discussed a proposal from Catherine Kerr at the Hampton VA hospital to come up with a hobby program for Vets with PTSD, etc. involving model building. They are looking into the safety/permissions issues involved in setting up such a program and Mike will keep the membership updated with any new developments.
  •  Chapter Contact Beach received an email from a civilian contractor wanting to have a display of models for Oceana’s 70th anniversary and is looking for aircraft that have flown there through the years. This display will appear at celebration/reception event on August 2. Beach hasn’t heard back from the contact since the 10th of June, so things are in limbo. Beach will continue to try to get back in touch with the contact. This proposal was tabled until such time as we hear back from the Oceana contact.
  •  A discussion arose about the possibility of the club purchasing or making a display case for such events in the future. Some believe it would be a great promotion for the club and our hobby. This discussion was tabled for revisiting sometime in the future.
  •  Copies of the flyer for the Roanoke IPMS/USA Regional convention were circulated to the membership. A motion was made by Tennant to buy a $30 trophy pack for the Region 2 convention in Roanoke in October. The motion was seconded by Kevin Farris and approved by those in attendance.

The business meeting was adjourned and, after a short break, Robert Beach conducted a short demo on scratch building.

The next meeting will be July 19.

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