July meeting minutes

President Nerino began meeting at 7pm.  Eighteen members in attendance plus one visitor, Chris Krieg.  Side note: Bill Wesley brought in six kits he has purchased for the future raffle. A mix of aircraft and armor was on display for all to look over.

 Old Business:

Discussion continued about the proposed model display at an upcoming NAS Oceana social event. This is to be a display of planes that have flown from of this naval air station during its 70 years of operation. Mike Nerino solicited the membership about what they might have on their shelves that would be appropriate for this display.  Mention was also made of the officer’s meeting concerning this display and about the possibility of the club purchasing a display case for such opportunities in the future. For this event, the base coordinator will provide a display case, if we can come up with models to go into it. Chapter Contact Robert Beach reiterated that we need the models to pull this off and, so far, he hasn’t gotten much response to his earlier emails. He asked that members who could provide models for this effort to please contact him by July 26 so he can determine whether we have enough models for this display. If we do have enough models, the only thing we’ll need do as a club is to have someone deliver the models to the base and place them on the display tables. This is meant to be a decoration, nothing more, so no presentation skills will be required of the person(s) dropping off the models. Just deliver and then return to pick up. Beach says we should have a minimum of a dozen models for this. August 2 is the deadline. Mike Nerino, Brian Nerino and Mike Schine also have models ready to go. Brian has 11 models ready. Contact Robert Beach directly to let him know if you are interested in putting your models on display.

Ed’s Hobby shop update. We have a new hobby shop in Virginia Beach and the owner sent an invitation for our club to venture down there for a meet-and-greet. After discussion, Beach will tell him to plan on having us there Saturday, July 27 for pizza and chat. A show of hands showed that seven members were planning to attend.

New Business:

Jerry Quick of TAMS asks that HRSM to sponsor a $25 trophy pack for the upcoming TAMS show. Motion made, approved and check issued.  Raffle ticket pricing was set at $1/ticket by a vote of the membership present.  (Remember, we won’t have the raffle till we sell at least $100 in tickets.)  No other new business.  Mike Nerino conducted a demo on making aircraft seat belts and pushrod details for radial engines after the show-and-tell portion of the meeting.  Meeting adjourned.

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