Jaguar XK120 (c.1950?) at Military Aviation Museum

The Military Aviation Museum in Pungo area of Virginia Beach has an eclectic collection of aircraft and vehicles. I was pleasantly surprised to see this lovely Jaguar XK120 there. I wanted to share these images given these cars are not something you see every day. I am unaware of any kits currently on offer to build a replica but still, it can be appreciated for its beauty in any case.
Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_8 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_7 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_6 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_5 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_4 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_3 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_2 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_1 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_17 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_16 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_15 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_14 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_12 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_11 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_10 Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_9_rearbumper Jaguar_XK120_MAM_2013_13

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