Holiday Raffle Survey


Total of ten responders, with 1 nay-sayer and 1 no input so eight guys made actual inputs to the survey with multiple ‘selections’ possible.  Most of the standard modeling scales had at least one ‘hit’ (1:144 was notably missing):

  1. 700 Ship: 3
  2. 350 Ships/Subs: 5
  3. 72 Armor: 4
  4. 72 Aircraft: 2
  5. 48 Armor: 1
  6. 48 Aircraft: 5
  7. 35 Armor: 4 (specifically Bronco kits were noted)
  8. Scale figures: 2

Tools & supplies also received 2 ‘votes’, something I personally had not considered.  Thanks to everyone who took time out to provide input.  We know it isn’t possible to meet every desire – as Bill B. noted, funding is a real issue – but at least we can have some basis for the selection of the raffle items, since a raffle that isn’t attractive to anyone will not get any “action”.  I expect there will be further discussion on Friday but that will have to be the final ‘word’ since there is a time crunch if anything is to be ordered.  Regards!

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Holiday Meeting Raffle Survey – Please “Leave a Comment” to tell what YOU would like to see in Holiday Raffle.  Need this done by OCTOBER 15th so we can get the stuff ordered in time for December’s shindig.

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