BMW R75 Motorcycle with Sidecar and Trailer

This is a series of (mostly) closeup images of the R75 motorcycle & sidecar plus trailer at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I thought it looked like a really nice restoration job, so I spent some time giving it coverage.  May these images be useful for working up those old 1/9 scale kits by ESCI – or even something smaller (where is that Bandai kit?)
Note that the next to last image, of the sidecar MG mount, has near the bottom the barely discernible maker’s logo – “Steib” – which I apparently failed to notice so I didn’t take a clear picture of it. (I did an extract so you can sort of see it… also at the bottom.)  However, I also found images of the logo on Flicker (a local Photog, Thomas Williams, has a particularly nice one); do a Google search for “BMW motorcycle sidecar WWII” under Images and you’ll find it.  You can also click HERE.  Sorry about that!
When you see a Canon camera lens cap in any images, it is there as a scale reference; it is 2-3/8″ in diameter!  Also, pause your cursor over the image and a little label should pop up – at least it does for my Firefox browser.

BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_tank n fork details_frm rt BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_top tank n headlight BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer bar_frm top BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer hitch BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer rear_frm left BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer_frm right rear BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer_front side_frm left BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer_left side BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer_left side_2 BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer_rear overall BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_trailer rear BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car front_frm frnt BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car interior_frm right BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car overall_frm rt rear BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car rear_frm right BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car rt fender_frm top BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_car_spare tire_frm rt BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cntr right_frm strbd BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cntr sect_frm frnt BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cntr_frm rightside BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle front_frm left BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle left pannier BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle left side BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle lftside foot board_frm left rear BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle_fender rear view BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle_frnt_frm rt BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle_left side cntr BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle_lower lef side BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_cycle_top center_frm left BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_frm left rear BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_frm portside BMW_Mtrcycle_sidecar_MG mount_frm rightCloseup of Steib_Logo

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  1. MD Iman Santoso says:

    How much for unrestored R75 but in completed condition ready for rebuild?

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