AMPS 2013 Convention Pix

Clint Mills’ sci-fi entry, a “With it”

Dennis Tennant’s Pak 40

Clint Mills’ captured Sherman (at right of tree).

Joe Koenig’s BT-7.

Clint Mills’ Crusader tank.

Dennis Tennant’s Pz. II, Ausf.D.

Joe Koenig’s M151 Jeep.

Clint Mills’ Churchill flamethrower tank.

Clint Mills’ Panther.

Joe Koenig’s Challenger II.

Joe Koenig’s Pz.IV Tauchpanzer.

Dennis Tennant’s Marder IIIM.


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  1. Ken Patrick Ken Patrick says:

    Guys, Truly impressive work! Oh and the photo’s are nice too, Dennis 🙂

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