Americans in Wartime Museum Open House

UPDATE: Six members of our local modeling fraternity took the drive to experience the Open House: Joe Koenig, Clint Mills, Jack Cairns, Dennis Tennant, Scott Bregi and Robert Beach.  Look for new walkaround gallery postings for fresh reference pictures for your armor modeling projects.  Beautiful weather and a well organized event made for some great memories (such as how cool a T-34 tank sounds rolling past!)  See the event pictures HERE.


The Americans in Wartime Museum is holding an Open House 18 & 19 August.  To attend, RSVP through their website at:

There is no charge, but you must ‘preregister’ through the RSVP.  If there is enough interest, it is possible there can be a club ‘road trip’ to the site which can share the cost of the trip while having good company, too!  The Museum is just south of the Prime Outlets, off I-95 toward DC (near Quantico) so a couple of hours or so of travel time should be expected.

Tom Jett passed this information along and says he has been there six times.  Must be worth the trip!

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