9th Annual Hampton Roads Kit Swap


Time again for the Annual HRSM Model Auction / Swap Meet aka “Kit Dump”. Sited at the customary Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Virginia Beach. VA (click for Google Maps), the Auction promised to be a fun day of kit swapping & modeling camaraderie.  Scheduled for  Saturday, 29 October from 10am to 4pm.  So dive into that attic, closet or garage stash and find those unneeded, excess or unwanted (is there such a thing?) kits, books or modeling supplies and convert ’em to cash while making room for your latest goodies…!  But be aware, it has been known to bring home more than you started with to begin!

The ‘meet’ is organized around a ‘model auction’ format vice a flea market arrangement.  This is because we’ve found it to be much more fun and, once started, fast-paced.  As with any auction, sellers organize their items into “lots” for competitive bidding, all under the gavel of the talented Mr. Ed Rose.  As explained by the FAQS (HERE), the event kicks off at 10am with registered sellers allowed 15 lots for the entry fee of one dollar.  Bidding starts at noon to give ample time to complete the necessary forms (lot description sheets – download HERE), to examine all the other goodies – arrive early –  and to grab a tasty bite from the lunch concession.  Once the auction gets going, it will move quickly.  When all lots are finished, final accounting , settlement & disbursement is completed efficiently and accurately – all neat and tidy.  But bring cash – everything is in whole dollars (except the food which may involve quarters) for easy payment.  No checks or credit cards please!

Experienced participants know the following tips:

  • Bring lots pre-prepped in bags or boxes with description sheets completed so there is more time for buyers to examine the goods
  • Arrive at the event opening to have more time to look over the other Lots & (to give your own Lots the best exposure)
  • Don’t over-price your Lots; desirable kits can generate appropriate bids especially if a low starting bid initiates a ‘bidding war’.
  • Organize Lots with a ‘target audience’ in mind.  For example, a mixed Lot comprised of a car, ship & airplane kits may not appeal to modelers who like only one of those genres.

So ‘Welcome’! Come on by & have some fun, convert your less active ‘plastic’ into ‘paper’ and perhaps find that treasure you’ve been hunting.

(If you might volunteer some help getting the word out on HRSM’s behalf, please feel free to use the below flyers for your local hobby shop or club meeting:)

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