2013 Americans in Wartime Museum Open House

It is that time again! August 17th & 18th are the dates for this years “Tank Farm” Open House.  If you have any interest in armored vehicles or just history in general, the vehicle displays and demonstrations at the Nokesville, VA “Tank Farm” provides a fascinating look at the actual hardware of modern ground warfare.  Last year’s event was extremely colorful and this year should be no different.  As usual, registration (aka ‘RSVP’) is requested (click HERE), though this year the event organizers are asking for a recommended $10 donation from each adult.  This is noted as a “voluntary” donation but regardless, it goes to a good cause and is little to ask in support of such a spectacular event.

As with past ‘road trips’, carpooling is encouraged as a way to reduce the number of cars filling the parking area and to share the gas bill.  Hope to see you there!

Americans in Wartime Museum 2013 Open House
10 a.m. to 4 p.m., August 17 and 18
“The Tank Farm”
13906 Aden Road in Nokesville, Virginia

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